Ander-Brand Tnd Retrvr,cvd, long
item# 54-3026
Anderson-Brand Tendon Retriever, curved, 240 mm

240 mm overall length
160 mm shaft length
Curved shaft
18 x 5-4 mm tapered jaws
Laditudinal serrations
1 x 2 teeth
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    Brand Tendon Retrievers
    Brand tendon retrievers are made in 6, 8 and 10-inch lengths. The two longest versions are straight while the short model curves moderately to the left. All three models feature 1x2 teeth followed by short, horizontally serrated jaws, articulating on a compact, "viper" shaped head. Brand tendon retrievers are tough, solidly built instruments for no-nonsense retrieval of the larger tendons of the hand and forearm.

    The curved, 110 mm shaft of the Carroll tendon retriever makes it especially well suited for the short, close-in work around the hand. While lighter in design than either the Brand or Buck-Gramcko models, it is still durable enough thanks to its ridged shaft and simple design. The jaws are short and narrow measuring only 2 x 7 mm. They feature horizontal serrations but without the 1x2 teeth of the Brand and Buck-Gramcko models.

    Hand & Footnotes, Vol. 1, No. 1
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