Small Bone Spreader w/spinlock
item# 56-1231
Small Bone Spreader with spinlock

140 overall length
Spreads using a spinlock
1 x 2 prongs with small notch
Single prong is 2.5 mm wide
Double prongs are each 1.5 mm wide with overall 7mm spread
Reaches 20 mm deep
  • News Article
    The Small Bone Spreader
    Amongst the oldest traditions within the surgical profession is the cross-specialty "borrowing" of instruments and instrument ideas. New adaptations of successful ideas have long been the thundering fugue driving all forms of progress, but the cantiled praises for the onerous Baby Inge Lamina Spreader as a small bone separator for hand or foot applications are arias out of tempo, sung just a bit off key.

    Compromise of form and function for the benefit of separating metacarpals and metatarsal is considerable. The jaws of a Baby Inge are often all too thick for easy placement, even with the outward facing teeth ground down. Buxton's small bone spreader features finely tapered jaws which interdigitate at their distal-most portion. As such, they form an effective wedge that can be worked between even the most closely positioned bones. The jaws can be easily spread apart by a squeeze of the handles. A threaded spin-lock feature, which cannot be accidentally released, enables the surgeon to quickly set the jaws to the exact opening desired.

    Hand & Footnotes, Vol. 1, No. 4
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