item# 848-7761

180 mm "working" Shaft Length
Shaft Offset: Up
Ceramic Coated
90° Angled Foot Plate
Regular footplate thickness
Chip ejecting tip
6 mm bite
  • News Article
    Offset Kerrisons are not an entirely new concept, but early versions were brutish and awkward. Heavy mesh guards were fashioned around the shaft to prevent hands from being pinched, or gloves from being snagged in the bayonet mechanism.

    In our quest for simple instrument design, we avoided supererogatory devices. Our approach was to contour the upper and lower shafts in and around the bayonet offset. By removing excess material, and rounding the exposed edges, a substantial gap remains between the shafts at all times. Surgeons can choose from 90°, 40° and thin foot plate models in three shaft lengths.

    In addition to the up-bayonet Kerrison, Buxton has also introduced lateral-bayonet versions. Choose from left or right offset shafts. The improved visualization offered by all three patterns is greatly appreciated when working under a microscope, or in other tight confines.

    Shaft lengths for this style of Kerrison are measured from the tip of the foot plate to the distal bend of the bayonet. Current offerings include 110 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm lengths in 1 mm to 6 mm cups.

    For work on the cervical spine Buxton also offers a selection of bayonet punches with thinner foot plates. The tips of our cervical laminectomy punches have been shaved down to be as thin as possible without jeopardizing durability. These punches are currently offered in 40° up bitting in each of the above mentioned shaft lengths.

    Talking Back, Vol. 2, No. 1.
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