Cer Beatty Rngur, cvd, 3mm,tfp
item# 847-5163
Beatty Rongeur, Ceramic coated, curved shaft, 3mm bite, 45° thin footplate

Classic Curve
Foot Plate Thickness Thin
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    Foraminal Expansion
    Stouthearted surgeons searching for the ultimate foraminotomy instrument need look no further than the broadening array of rongeurs among Buxton's spine surgery selections.

    The underside of the facet can be all but inaccessible using a straight-shafted Kerrison. Under the best of circumstances enlarging a stenosed foramen is a tedious undertaking, and a power burr or an unbridled osteotome can soon turn tedium to treachery. Of course, a wide total laminectomy and extensive facetectomy could be performed, but many believe it is important to preserve the facet joints, dorsal processes and the spinous ligaments in order to maintain stability.

    The Buxton-Beatty and Peyronie Foraminotomy Rongeurs feature curved shafts at their distal tips to ease introduction into the foramen and allow the decompression of affected nerve roots. In addition to bone removal, these specialized rongeurs have been found to be especially effective at removing the ligamentum flavum that often extends far into the foramen.

    Bite sizes of 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm are now offered in down-curved as well as up-curved varieties. Facilities fastidiously focused on finances may opt for one of several comprehensive sets to maximize the bang for their bucks.

    Talking Back, Vol. 2, No. 1

    Evaluation Program
    Among the indelible legacies of the 1960’s on American culture is the widely held conviction that one’s ultimate happiness is better served if there is first a trial period before making a long-term relational commitment. In deference to this country’s attitudinal shift, Buxton has set aside a limited number of the Beatty Rongeurs for trial in surgery. The appeal of such an offer as universal as “two more days of peace, love and music” just might induce overwhelming response. Like the WC’s at Woodstock, accommodation is available but may be precluded by a song, a dance and a bit of a wait as well.

    Talking Back, Vol. 1, No. 1
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