Flush Wire Cutter, 160 mm
item# 56-4023
Flush Wire Cutter, 160 mm

Length 160 mm
Jaws with carbide inserts
Suitable for soft wires to 2.0 mm
Suitable for hard wire to 1.6 mm
Also known as "Reill" Wire Cutter
Also known as "Müller-Claus" Pin Cutter
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    An Appetizing Offer...
    Omni-Sets make instrument purchasing a more palatable experience for surgeons and hospital administrators, alike
    All manner of instruments may be savored a la carte for their individual qualities, but the frugal instrument "gourmets" among our readers may also want to consider our table d'hote. The Omni-Sets menu consists of the four delectable choices listed to the right. Beginning with a Prix Frixe and a suggested assortment for each, substitution within product groupings to accommodate an almost infinite variety of delectable instrument alternatives is encouraged!

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    Presentation is Everything
    Each Omni-Set is served up in its own sterilizing case. A garnishment of additional instruments can usually be accommodated, as extra room is available within the case. Come back for seconds and double up, if you like, on those more commonly used instruments.

    Hand & Footnotes, Vol. 2, No. 1
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