Finger/Toe Tourniquet
item# 52-9000
Finger/Toe Tourniquet

140 mm over all length (including mesh loop)
Screw tourniquet provides gradual and secure pressure on digits
Broad, 8 mm wide mesh strap
Bling: Large, flashy apparatus is difficult to overlook if left on the patient.
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    Main Squeeze:
    A Tourniquet for Mending Digits Offended
    An element of elegance is introduced to the perfunctory task of applying a tourniquet.
    Broad, even compression can be applied through a 20mm wide noose of woven stainless mail. On compression, the ends of this metal band retreat within the short tube as the operator turns down the threaded knob on the opposite side. Attention to design and construction, along with care in finishing, have eliminated any sharp edges that may scrape or pinch in the tightening process. Unlike a Penrose drain that relies on its own desultory moment of elasticity to apply homeostatic pressure, using Buxton's Digital Tourniquet provides the operator with a degree of afferent feedback to help determine when the proper pressure has been achieved.

    Constructed of durable rust-resistant metals, the Digital Tourniquet is fully autoclavable. Best of all, the off-chance possibility a tourniquet device of this size may be accidently left on the patient following surgery is next to nil.

    Hand & Footnotes, Vol. 1, No. 4
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