Optimal Shoulder Surgery Set Loaner
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A collegium of well conceived and carefully crafted instruments designed expressly for optimum exposure, release and repair of open and mini-open shoulder procedures; delivered in a well formed, functionally arranged two-story tray construct.

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Optimal™ Shoulder Surgery Set
This Set Contains
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    Optimal Shoulder Repair Set
    Evolving surgical techniques naturally spawn new generations of instrument set selections
    The Optimal Shoulder Repair Set emerges to address soft tissue procedures including mini-open cuff repairs and the still popular open techniques for correcting Bankart tears. This new set comes in a case that complies more closely with today's standards for size, weight and design.

    New Attraction in Retraction
    Kölbel’s classic retractor frame remains the mainstay of the set but now it is paired in its mission with the popular Mini-Open frame featuring articulating arms. Both designs are modified to include a third-arm attachment, and in the case additional space has been allotted to store their trios of interchangeable middle blades. With deference to the ever challenging, ever-shrinking trend in minimal incisions, two of the ultra thin 10 mm wide Minute blades have been added to the swivel blade assortments. This new set also has special snap-on distractor blades designed to assist the surgeon in performing subacromial distraction of the humeral head when repairing massive rotator cuff tears involving the posterior segment of the capsule.

    Something for Everyone
    Surgical assistants will be pleased with the easier-to-hold "Amazin Retractor." Its smooth edges and comfortable linen phenolic handle make it a favorite among many. For humeral head retraction we retained the fenestrated Fukuda-Kujat retractor and even found room for the popular but difficult-to-store Browne deltoid retractor. The special capsule scissors made the final cut as did three of the most popular Darrach retractors and heavy-duty Kölbel forceps. A chisel system featuring a handle and four interchangeable blades can be found in this set, as well as a 5 mm wide convex surfaced rasp. This last item is particularly useful for trimming undersurfaces of the acromion.

    Classic Inclusions
    The subscapularis spreader, the tough and tumble Kölbel soft tissue retractor, and the ubiquitous glenoid levers remain integral parts in our new set assortment. Longer reaching versions of the hand manipulated awl and transosseous suture retrievers are also included in the Optimal Set. All things change in time but as experience is gained concepts tend to stabilize. The Optimal Set assortment is a blend of proven instrument design patterns coupled with emerging innovations. To hospitals and surgery centers performing open shoulder surgery on a regular basis and grappling with issues of maintaining and containing instruments unique to this surgery, the Optimal Set is an evolutionary notion of revolutionary import.

    Humerus Areas, Vol. 3, No. 1
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