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    A Couple of New Twists on Some Old Favorites
    "Pickle Forks" (or Glenoid Levers as they are more formally known) come in a profusion of shapes and sizes. A variety of heads, with one, two and even three prongs, may adorn the distal-most portions of these handy instruments, yearning to be seated in the glenoid neck. In place, and in action, they provide the surgeon with medial retraction and direct visualization of the underlying capsule and joint.

    Buxton's versions of these comely instruments feature single or double prongs, and are crafted from fine flat surgical steel stock. They are offered in 15 mm and 20 mm wide models. Our original patterns were lightly curved and certainly popular, but being pantomancers by nature, we have always felt that there was room for improvement. To that end, the arc has been increased dramatically to assure that any assisting hands and elbows remain well out of the field of vision. A proximal retro-curve to the handle has been added. Grasp the shaft near its proximal end and rest one's hypothenar eminence in the open end of the proximal loop, or simply counter-hook it with a convenient finger. Either way, a strong, no-slip grip is achieved.

    The Shoulder, Vol. 1, No. 4
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