Arthro Scissors, str,130x3.5mm
item# 315-111-35
Arthroscopic Scissors, straight, 130 x 3.5mm

Arthroscopic Forceps
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    The First of Buxton's Arthroscopy Instruments Has Arrived
    Its is only a modest beginning, but Buxton's new line of instruments for arthroscopic surgery debuts as a gold-handled suture cutting scissors, a matching tissue forceps and a reconnoitering probe/hook.

    The scissors feature a 130 mm long shaft tipped with arched cutting blades to ensnare suture just before affecting a quick, clean-cut. Sutures everywhere, beware!

    Tissue Forceps
    Matching forceps have 3.5 mm wide jaws fortified with deep ridges useful for capturing suture and tissue, alike. Torn, rotator cuffs are their primary targets.

    The rough and ready probe provides handy close-in support for viewing, manipulating, and backing up soft tissue. Out of a 3.5 inch knurled handle emerges a 130 mm tapered shaft culminating in a 1.0 mm diameter right angle tip with a 4 mm reach, perfect for internal probing and investigation.

    Suture Needles
    From down the pipeline up comes word of suture needles in straight, right winding and left winding versions. They are excellent for delivering #2 suture via 8.6 mm cannulas up to and through torn fringes of rotator cuffs.

    Humerus Areas, Vol. 2, No. 3

    editors note: Humerus Areas will provide updates as more information becomes available on this developing instrument line.
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