item# 24-6201
Buxton Shoulder Retractor Set, with 4 blades

Features our largest frame, the Buxton Shoulder retractor
Includes one pair of 36x36 mm blades
Includes one pair of 36x53 mm blades
All items are components of Deluxe Shoulder set (24-8001)
  • News Article
    Classic Concept: Novel Retractor
    Buxton's new frame accepts the interchangeable blades from the popular Kölbel System.
    There are no new ideas, just creative interpretations of the old. When shoulder surgeons needed a wider opening retractor for total joint replacements and repair of large rotator cuff tears, Buxton’s development team launched a cross-specialty search for the right idea. Distilling the best of the available, and with a raptor’s-eye perception of the obvious, Buxton blended the simple-to-operate, low- profile concept of the Kölbel Retractor System with the rack-and-pinion function found on the familiar Scoville-Haverfield spinal retractor.

    This design incorporates easy-to-articulate jointed arms to better enable the frame to conform to patient anatomy. Enjoy exposures wide enough for even the most demanding shoulder procedures. Smooth and continuous linear retraction forces can be easily applied during the opening process. The 220 mm long rack allows for nearly twice the excursion of the original Kölbel design.

    The surgeon or hospital administration may feast on the complete system (24-6220) or nibble away a la carte fashion at the palatable components. Those already familiar with the Kölbel will recognize the generous array of blades. Familiar as well as some newly available offerings in interchangeable blades are discussed in articles similar to this in Buxton’s newsletters.

    The Shoulder, Vol. 1, No. 2
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