McIntosh Suture Holder Clamp
item# 190-210
Lose sutures are slipped within slots cut the wall of the curved, hollow tube. A soft-wound coil spring within a hollow tube crosses the slots and applies a very gentle pinch pressure between the spring wire and the sides of the tube. Sutures are loosely held in place for quick and easy removal.

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    Get Organized!
    Untangle that Wrangle of Sutures Emanating from the Surgical Site
    In the tradition of keeping it simple, Buxton has introduced the McIntosh suture clamp to do the mundane and maintain order among those loose ends sutures. A hollow tube with slit patterns reminiscing of grill marks on a Texas wiener sits sidesaddle on a towel clamp. Within this tube is a long coil spring.

    Meandering loose ties may be slipped into one of ten notches and held by the crossover of coil to slit. End knob adjustment varies spring tension so varying gauge sutures can be accommodated. At surgery’s end, components dissemble into their few parts for simple and through cleaning.

    Humerus Areas, Vol. 3, No. 1
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