Anterior Disc Curette,#0, str
item# 76-7760
Anterior Discectomy Curette, 500mm, #0, straight

Overall length: 500 mm
Straight Cup
230 mm long Linen-phenolic handle
270 mm long shaft
#0 Cup
  • News Article
    Intercontinental Long Range Curettes
    The growing popularity of intervertebral disc surgery via the anterior approach has spurred the need for longer and longer instrumentation.

    Buxton is well known for its army of extended length Kerrison and IVD rongeurs. To that formidable armamentarium, we now add a series of 500 mm curettes. A selection of tips in various sizes and configurations are mounted on finely crafted stainless shafts. In turn these tips are mated to a 230 mm long stock of durable linen phenolic. Our first ever ring curette, 7 mm in diameter, is found alongside cup curettes, angled and straight, in gauges of #00 through #4. Available from America, but crafted in Germany, of course.

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