Awl 4-sided, linen handle
item# 56-5711
Awl 4-sided, linen phenolic handle

165 mm overall length
Linen Phenolic handle
Straight, four-sided awl
  • News Article
    Awls Your Little Heart Desires

    Boring holes into small bones are arduous, funambulatory undertakings
    A meandering drill bit has a mind of its own, as it wanders here and there before finally settling on a spot often some distance from where it started its journey. Sharp awls can be quite helpful for piercing periosteum and creating pilot indentations for drills or wires. Awl tapers must be gradual enough for easy penetration, but not so fine as to make them needle-like and vulnerable to breakage.

    Buxton's awls fit the bill. Choose between a lightweight, hollow bulb handle which rests comfortably in the palm of the hand, or a contoured solid phenolic handle appropriate for more vigorous manipulation.

    Hand & Footnotes, Vol. 2, No. 2
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