Buxton Lamina Spreader,Bayonet
item# 74-2745
Buxton Lamina Spreader, bayonet

Length: 280 mm
1 X 2 Jaws interdigitate
Major jaw width: 13 mm
Spin-lock distraction feature enables sure and infine adjustment over a finite range
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    An Affinity for the Infinity Within the Finite
    Lamina Lament
    Your jagged jaws,
    Your hunchbacked reach,
    Your clickiry-clackity-ratchety lock.
    Ol' Inge Spreader,
    You grind out your tasks
    In such wretched staccato style!
    ~ e. schussler

    Traditional Inge Lamina Spreaders are gubbertush bruisers performing their duties with the poise and finesse of disgruntled longshoremen. By contrast, Buxton's Lamina Spreaders are not only leptorrhinian debutantes but edentulous dentiloquists as well. These long, tapered-nosed beauties fit into tighter interspaces and the broad serrated surfaces of their 8 mm wide jaws can be counted upon to hold them firmly in place. Nicest of all, a threaded spin-lock allows infinite adjustment over a finite range and by virtue of design; the spreaders will never unlatch unintentionally.

    Most favored indications include transverse approaches and, of course, the adipose patient. Variations include two straight versions in 270 mm and 330 mm lengths. There is also a curved model and a bayonet option wherein the 1 x 2 fingers of the jaws interdigitate to allow the instrument to squeeze between the tightest of vertebral body spaces.

    Talking Back, Vol. 3, No. 3
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