Cobb Elevator w/LP handle,13mm
item# 77-3461
Cobb Elevator with linen phenolic handle, light curve, 13mm

250 mm overall length
120 mm linen phenolic handle
130 mm shaft
Linen Phenolic handle is a lightweight alternative to the typical knurled metal handle.
13 mm wide elevator blade
  • News Article
    If the O.R. were an O-R-chestra,
    and Surgery the Symphony…
    These instruments might be the perfect accompaniment for the Surgeon Maestro. The virtues of linen phenolic handles on osteotomes, gouges and curettes have been extolled in previous articles. Their durability, light weight and 'feel' make them something to sing about, especially for applications where a firm, full hand grip on the instrument is desired. Small wonder then that this material has found its way to the Buxton selection of Cobb-style gouges and elevators.

    The 8 mm wide gouges are offered in a choice of straight, light curve, strong curve and bayonet curved working ends. The familiar teardrop shape of the elevator blade is available in 10 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm and 30/32 mm widths. Reasonably priced, one might even say you can “get them for a song.”

    Talking Back, Vol. 1, No. 4.
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