Capsule and Tendon Scissors
item# 24-5920
This sturdy seven-inch scissors features carbide insert cutting edges. One of the interacting edges is serrated for sequestering tough and slippery capsule tissue.

170 mm overall length
Single bevel, curved blade
Component of Deluxe and Standard Shoulder sets.
Component of Optimal Shoulder Set
Carbide inserts
Micro toothed cutting edge
  • News Article
    Capsule & Tendon Scissors

    with Super-Hard Serrated Blades
    Tough capsular membrane and tendon are easily cut with these special purpose scissors. Buxton has added inserts of Super-Hard Tungsten Carbide to a sturdy seven-inch Mayo scissors pattern. Serrated edges grasp the tissue to be dissected and hold it against the blades for efficient cutting.

    This is a unique pair of scissors you will want to keep exclusively for your shoulder set. Gold plated handles distinguish them from a run-of-the-mill Mayo that never seems to stay sharp. At critical moments, reach for Buxton's Capsule and Tendon Scissors.

    The Shoulder, Volume 1, Number 1
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