Love Nerve Root Retr.,straight
item# 74-5000
Love Nerve Root Retractor, straight with 5 mm reach

Overall length: 206 mm
Shaft beyond handle: 108 mm
Blade width: 7 mm
Blade depth: 5 mm
Blade has no back curve to catch on the dura
  • News Article
    Who Makes Love Without a Habsburg Lip?*
    We do, of course. Love nerve root retractors are delicate devices. Only at the very end of a long thin shaft does the lily-like blade blossom into the gentile form that has made this instrument so universally recognized.

    Somewhere in the heat and passion of design, form overwhelmed function and the blade’s leading edge ultimately bent back toward the handle. While this feature may impart a certain grace as aesthetically appealing as old world aristocracy, the end result was just enough to allow the retractor to get hooked under the dura.

    Buxton’s Love making has been modified. Our lip falls straight down, and there is no turning back at the very end.

    This felicitous feature has been mated with three different shafts. Select from straight (74-5000), 45° angle (74-5020) or 90° angle (74-5040) versions, sold individually, or as a ‘Ménage à trois’ (74-5045).

    *Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (1640 - 1705), King of Germany, King of Hungry, King of Bohemia, King of Croatia and (only) Archduke of Austria, embodied perhaps the finest example of this most distinctive of Habsburg traits. For his famous lip, chin and claim to the throne, Leopold was indebted to both sides of a continually converging family tree.

    Talking Back, Vol. 2, No. 1.
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