Percussion Awl w/metal hndl
item# 24-6005
Initiate tunneling in tough cortical bone during rotator cuff repairs or Bankart-type procedures using this awl. The tip is sometimes wedged in the underside of the glenoid rim with the inferior portion of the curve resting against a humeral head lever. A striking force upon the head of this awl is thus transferred in a lateral direction.

Overall length: 220 mm
This awl to start your bone tunnel.
Striking base
Sharp, penetrating tip
  • News Article
    Making A Case for the Open Bankart Procedure
    Traditional Bankart Techniques Revisited
    At those railing moments when reimbursement concerns or poor bone quality preclude the use of suture anchoring implants it may be comforting to know that a tried and true set of instruments for suturing through bone is available.

    Originally developed for repair of Bankart lesions, many of the instruments in the Buxton Shoulder Repair Set have crossover applications in rotator-cuff repairs and other shoulder procedures. Our humeral head retractors, curved awls and suture passers for holes prepared in the bone of the glenoid neck dutifully perform the tasks they were intended for, but why not consider them for some of the other procedures you are doing which utilize the techniques first developed in the Bankart procedure?

    Why struggle to force a bent needle through holes drilled in the humerus? When repairing a rotator-cuff or a detached pectoralis, our Penetrating Awl and Bone Perforating Tenaculum can be elegant alternatives for preparing your suture hole. The Crochet Hook can then be used to draw heavy, non-absorbable sutures back through the hole for secure tissue-to-bone fixation. The curvature of these instruments is precisely matched to make the procedure quick efficient and consistent. Solid construction of the finest materials assures these instruments will be a part of your shoulder set for years to come. Reusable and affordably priced, they make more old-fashioned common (economic) sense than some of their disposable alternatives.

    The Shoulder, Vol. 1, No. 3
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