Subscapularis Spreader
item# 24-5914
Ring-handled self-retaining retractor featuring arms sweeping through an arc of nearly 90° and punctuated with short, blunt laterally diverging tips.

170 mm overall length
80 mm max excursion (86 mm tip to tip)
Component of Optimal Shoulder Set
Component of Deluxe and Standard Shoulder Sets, 24-8001 and 24-6001
Short, blunt tips
65 mm reach
  • News Article
    A Better Spreader
    ...for the subscapularis and perhaps the split deltoid, too.
    Anterior approaches to the glenohumeral joint leave the intrepid shoulder surgeon the option to either split the subscapularis muscle and tendon or sever it along its bony attachment where it joins the coracoid process. When opting for the former method, Buxton's 24-5914 Subscapularis Spreader is the ideal instrument of choice. Its long arms curve through a sweeping arc of nearly 90° to reach deep into the wound. This versatile instrument is also useful for retracting the deltoid for small incision procedures such as the mini-open rotator cuff repair.

    The Shoulder, Vol. 1, No. 2
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