Crochet Suture Passer,235x25mm
item# 24-6027
Crochet Hook Suture Passer, 235x25mm

Long Awls and Passers
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    Transosseous Rotator Cuff Repair Kit
    Readers recalling the age preceding anchors may be forgiven for mistaking these devices for the awls and suture passers sometimes used in Bankart procedures. Indeed, the patterns are similar, but proportions are stretched and the scale is noticeably larger. Awls with retrograde curves bore through the humeral head, then matching crochet hooks retrieve suture through those holes.

    Extra long handles and a choice of span sizes provide flexibility when selecting locations and directions for bone tunnels. The smaller span may suffice for most cases, but when bone stock is not particularly good, the models with the longer span make it possible to reach beyond the greater tuberosity and take advantage of the often thicker cortical mantel that can be found there.

    Humerus Areas, Vol. 2, No. 1
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