Penetrating Awl, 235x30mm
item# 24-6036
Hand manipulated, rather than mallet driven, these awls are offered in two curvatures for placing tunnels. They are most often used for clearing and expanding tunnels in either the glenoid or the humerus. Note that there is a matching suture passer for each size Penetrating Awl offered.

Long Awls and Passers
  • News Article
    Toss Those Towel Clips
    For years, shoulder surgeons have known the benefits of Buxton's curved awls and bone perforation tenaculum in preparing bone tunnels for capsule and rotator cuff repairs. Spine surgeons who are passing cables through bone for scoliosis and trauma fixation may want to consider these same instruments as alternatives to commandeered towel clips or other less appropriate devices. Holes are usually begun with the hand driven, curved penetrating awl, and then cleared out with the bone perforation tenaculum. If very hard cortical bone is encountered, a mallet driven, curved percussion awl is also offered. The matched curvature of the awls and tenaculum ensure quick, efficient and consistent hole preparation every time.

    Talking Back, Vol. 2, No. 1.
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