Tndn Braid Fcps,cvd,child size
item# 54-3102
Pierce, grab and weave with one instrument!

Features two pins for additional stability
115 mm long
Curved tip
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    Making a Point...
    with our Improved Tendon Braiding Forceps
    Over the past decade, braiding (or weaving) forceps have become standard repertoire in most tendon repair sets. Gone are days of the stiletto blade followed by a hemostat, when weaving tendon transfers.

    At first glance tendon braiders resemble hemostats, but on closer inspection one notes one jaw extends beyond and over the other. The longer jaw ends in a very sharp conical tip. This tip pierces the walls of the host tendon, making entrance and exit holes in one jab. Once through the tendon, the jaws of the braider open to grasp the tendon graft. Withdrawing the braider through the host tendon completes the first "stitch" of the weave.

    At the suggestion of Jack Tupper, MD, of Oakland California, Buxton's weavers are unique in that they contain two thin pins on the inner surface of the jaws to ensure a stable and secure hold on the graft.

    Buxton offers its improved Tendon Braiding Forceps in four popular styles. The child size is 120 mm long, while the adult size has an overall length of 150 mm. Both sizes are available in straight and curved patterns. Our newly improved tendon braiders offer the surgeon a superior design at a competitive price.

    Hand & Footnotes, Vol. 1, No. 1
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