Arthro Rasp, 125mm, 30º distal
item# 347-270-30
Arthroscopic Rasp, 125mm, 30º footplate, distal face

125mm fine
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    Collect a Collegium of Skittle Scratchers
    Loosen capsule adhesions from around the glenoid neck, or roughen bone surfaces in meniscal tear repairs with our ArthroRasp series. These delicately tipped, finely milled xysters* make useful adjuncts to your next arthroscopic case. Handsome, autoclavable linen phenolic handles provide both comfort and lightweight. Four tip configurations, including a double-sided version; on a choice of shaft lengths provide direct access to most surfaces.

    *Rare if not eradicated from common contemporary medical lexicon, "xyster" was recently brought to our attention by Michael A. Steingart, D.O., of Phoenix, AZ; a fellow logophile. Thank you, Dr. Steingart. Be it the good or the bad, but especially the good, we appreciate input from our readers.

    Humerus Areas, Vol. 2, No. 4
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